RFID Solutions

RFID technology uses electromagnetic waves to capture and read the transmitted data. The information is stored electronically on a tag attached to an object or carrier, and the chip of that tag is activated when it is near the reader, enabling it to share the access information that it has. The RFID with its own power source and a high range, which it is operated by a reader and functions over short distances.

RFID technology is commonlydeployed in access control systems to permit authorized and certified personnel only to enter secure locations. The technology of RFID is a preferred option for many uses other than office management, such as parking garage gate control, supply chain inventory, retail checkout lines, and even run times.

Shivaay Associates uses and optimizes the best RFID solution, eliminating the need for physical keys and streamlining administrative processes associated with providing access to one location to many. This key feature saves building owners and administrators energy, time and money in the long run, while reducing any exclusive manpower.